Doing Shoes The Right Way

Ways to Wear Heels Without Pain

High heels make a woman’s figure and stride look amazing. But they are also sometimes tough to wear, yet women cannot imagine their lives without them. It is quite a relief for them to learn that heels can be both stylish and comfortable. They only need to work on a few things that shall result in a comfortable time with them. They do not have to avoid them by sticking to flat heels. High heels shall soon be made more comfortable.

High heels should first be broken in. Ladies are usually tempted to keep wearing their new heels, for too long. They end up spending an unhealthily long time with them on. This is not ideal. They need to be patient, and start off wearing them for short periods. As time goes, they can increase the time. They tend to get more comfortable as you sit and walk. You can then go for a party or other event more comfortably.

There are also insoles you can wear. This discovery was meant to ease the pain that goes with wearing heels. There are jobs that demand ladies wear heels, and this will help them a lot. There are several they can choose from.

You can also use talcum powder. Before slipping your feet into a pair of heels, you need to apply some of it on them. This will minimize friction between the heels and the feet. This shall also prevent you from getting blisters and skin tears. Talcum is how you ensure you do not suffer painful feet full of blisters from wearing heels.

You need to keep your toenails short. Wearing high heels and keeping long toenails is not a good mix. As much as you value your pedicured nails, you will have to keep them short. You cannot afford to have your toenails broken while wearing heels, as that shall be such a painful experience for you.

You can also go for the supermodel secret when it comes to heel wearing. They believe in taping their third and fourth toes together. This they say aids in distributing their body weight over their feet better. They will only do this if they are wearing closed-toe types of heels. That would be a fashion fail of unbelievable proportions. This has been something that they have dome for so long to stay comfortable on their feet.

Heels are great shoes for women, when you think of the attention they command. When you put into practice these tips, you will end up being comfortable as you wear them. Some of the garments women wear in the name of fashion cause them so much pain. Heels do not have to go down the same road.